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When & Where

Our monthly Committee Business Meeting is held on the 2nd Sunday of every month at Ventura County AA Central Service office:

321 North Aviador Street, Suite 115
Camarillo, CA  93010

Board Meeting: 4:30pm
Committee Business Meeting: 5:30pm
Orientation for New Members: 6:40pm.

Get Involved

Incoming volunteers to VCAAHI, are equally valued as newcomers are to AA. They are – ‘the lifeblood of our fellowship.’ From these recent volunteers, panel meetings are kept at full strength, panel leaders and other service commitments are elected or assigned. There continues to be a crucial need for active, vital AA members to help with this 12-Step work. H&I provides many rewarding opportunities to carry the message of recovery to others. Our coordinated efforts allow us to pool our resources and to make it incredibly easy to get involved. The hand of fellowship is always outstretched at H&I.

We need your HELP!

To carry the message of hope and recovery. We invite you to be a part of the VCAAHI. Hopefully you will participate as fully as your time allows. Your stories and experience could save lives. This type of service can be the deciding factor for a desperate alcoholic that needs to hear the message. We who already are involved, know how much it can add to our own program…and to our lives.

Board Meetings

Board meetings are held once a month just prior to the Committee’s Business Meeting. VCAAHI Board Members meet for the purpose of reviewing the status of Committee matters, and to aid the Director to prepare agendas for upcoming Committee Business Meetings. All Committee members are welcome to attend Board Meetings, to discuss any Committee business or to purpose something they would like to have added to the agenda.

Committee Business Meetings

Committee Business Meetings are open to all interested members of Alcoholic Anonymous. The purpose of these meetings is to provide for effective communication and to inspire unity amongst our membership. Provides a setting to share information in a welcoming and informative atmosphere for members. Each Committee Business Meeting is conducted according to an agenda prepared by the Director, who presides over the meeting. During the course of the meeting; new members are introduced, reports by board and service members are presented, open panel positions are filled and pre-ordered literature is picked-up. Old and new Committee business is discussed and motions are put forward and voted on, when required. In accordance to our bylaws and with the spirt of rotation, each January nominations to fill elected positions are put forward by the membership and after nominations conclude during the February meeting, eligible voters cast ballots. Committee members attending four Committee Business Meetings during the past twelve months are eligible to vote. Regular attendance is required, for all elected and appointed VCAAHI positions.


The Orientation workshop is designed to inform new members how H&I functions and the best way to effectively carry the message of hope and recovery to those residing in the institutions we serve. Emphasis is placed on the nature of an H&I commitment, and the Committee’s primary purpose. Panel guidelines are explained and discussed. New members are introduced to various institutions we serve. Questions are answered. We also LEARN AS WE GO, don’t worry about having to take part in a strange meeting alone. This is not the way it’s done. New panel leaders and participants are encouraged to be accompanied by experienced members. This allows the newer person a chance to learn the ropes. New members are supplied with necessary information to help them clearly communicate the AA message. You’ll find that after participating on a panel a few times, how comfortable you’ve become. Our message is hope and the promise of freedom. When all is said and done, our primary purpose can only be to carry the message to the alcoholic who still suffers because that is all we have to give.

Board/Service Members

H&I Board Members

Director: John J.
Co-Director: Michael H.
Secretary: Andy M.
Registrar: David B.
Treasurer: Darlene Van M.
Area 1 Coordinator: Ashley T.
Area 2 Coordinator: Ciera W.

H&I Service Members

VCAAC 2018 H&I Chair: John J.
SBTS 2018 H&I Chair: John W.
Orientation Chair: Terrance B.
Newsletter: OPEN
Literature Chair: Gary M.
So. Cal H&I Intergroup Rep: Kelly Mc C.
Communications Chair: Dave B
Policy Committee Chair: John W.